Robley K. Yee, Ph.D., M.S.W.
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


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There are life events that cause stress and chaos and at best give us the opportunity to re-examine our lives. This is not an easy task because we risk experiencing change and the unknown that accompanies alterations in our internal world and our relationships in the community. Our capacity to enter into change and tolerate the consequences is the goal of therapy.

I have approached this task from the broad school of existential and humanistic schools. In particular, I am oriented to the dialogical-phenomonelogical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas but use a variety of clinical approaches including Carl Roger's Person Centered and Gestalt Therapies. Mixed with this are communication as well as cognitive and behavioral techniques.

Psychotherapy practice is limited to:

  • individuals who have experienced a traumatic event(s)
  • issues of chronic and acute loss and separation
  • individuals and couples
  • conflict resolution and problem solving
  • life transitions